Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

D.j. Nio’S a.k.a. NioSiddharta a.k.a. Erik a.k.a. NioS a.k.a. ManiMan!

D.j. Nio’S a.k.a. NioSiddharta a.k.a. Erik a.k.a. NioS a.k.a. ManiMan!

(updated on 2004)

NioS started to love Hip-Hop Culture in 1993. He began a d.j. and an m.c., and featured many other hip-hop artists from Genoa, his city in Liguria, in the north-western part of Italy. He was a graffiti-artist too, back in 1996: than, he evolved this art in digital-art and design, and now he is a graphic-designer too.
As a d.j. and m.c. NioS performed live in many clubs in Italy (from 1998), in the U.S.A. (Los Angeles), in Germany (Wiesbaden) and Holland (Groningen). He played before almost every hip-hop Italian famous artist (Colle der Fomento, La Famiglia, Er Piotta, Sottotono, Chief & Soci, Irene LaMedica, Bassi Maestro, Sottotono, Er Piotta, Gente Guasta, Otierre e La Pina, D.j., Double S, Esa, Yoshi - Tormento, Cor Veleno, Mondo Marcio, Fabri Fibra, e Assalti Frontali e Bob Quadrelli dei Sensa Sciou); he played for French b-boys Aktuel Force, and on the same stage of the French m.c. Busta Flex, the world famous king of funk, George Clinton and Funkadelic - Parliament. NioS played like supporter-artist for Italian reggae band Sud Sound System, Raina, Brusco, Villa Ada, One Love, Il Generale, and international super-stars like David Rodigan, Massive B, Luciano, Desmond Dekker, Andrew Tosh.
NioS founded Zero Plastica, his hard-core hip-hop group with Lure, in 2001: "Zero Plastica" is the title of their self-produced and well-accliamed debut album (2005).

D.j. ACTIVITY. NioS' d.j.-set is very original, eclectic and cosmopolitan. NioS plays Rap Music, Reggae, DanceHall, Dub, RnB, Soul and Funk from all over the world (not only from U.S.A., Jamaica and Europe).
NioS uses turntables (Technics 1200 or 1210), Serato ScratchLive and laptop.
From 2001, NioS is still dropping mix-cd's world wide.

M.c. ACTIVITY. NioS loves to rhyme alone such with other m.c.'s. In the late years, he hosted many hip-hop events, like dance-floors in clubs, hip-hop jams, and reggae danchall, as a master of cerimony.
NioS is always looking for collaborations with other artists, such d.j.'s, m.c.'s, singers, producers and groups.

Producer ACTIVITY. NioS started to produce his own beats with Mpc2000 in 2000. He produced tracks for a lot of artists, like El Loco (an Italian-Chile m.c.), Ego B, Blutosky, Greg, Lure, D.j.Trinketto, Goldstein, Pessimi Elementi, Valentini Family, Bobby Soul, Bino, Pensiero (all from Italy), Dioxine (Marseille - France), A Mafia (Sao Paolo - Brazil), Don Simon (an Italian-brasilian m.c.), Achille (from Camerun), and many others.
He develops beats from hardcore hip-hop, to raggae-dancehall stuff, and he collaborates with other musicians (like Roberto Gabrielli from the infamous Cool Raggae Band) for arrangments, mixing and producing professional tracks.


NioS produced and co-produced:

- many mix-tapes and mix-cd's (Zena Art Core "Zena Art Core #2 – Zena Sotterranea" -2005, "One Love - World Wide Reggae Hip Hop" -2005, Lur's "Semplici Improvvisazioni" -2005, "DeustchlandReise2003" with the German artist Boris -2005, "Buridda di Ritmi" with Sisma and Rankin'Fabio, etc.).

- his Zero Plastica demo ("Primo Promo", 2004) and first full-lenght album ("Zero Plastica", 2005).

- other artists' cd's (El Loco "Preludio al 2001" -2000, D.j.Trinketto "I.A." -2001, Don Simon's street album, etc.).many tracks for different kind of m.c. and singers (see "Producer activity").

- soundtracks for skate-boarding videos, for Aneema – Streetwear & Life Philosophy.

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