Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

Basement UnderGround Studio & Nomadic Wax - present: DJ NIO (Zero Plastica) "Tuga Mix - Hip-Hop & Reggae Music from Portugal" (Mixtape, 2009).

This is the third chapter of the "NioSiddharta's travels" mixtape series, of the Italian dj Nio (formerly of the underground rap group Zero Plastica): "Tuga Mix" prooves that Portughese Hip-Hop and Reggae are as good as Fado, the traditional music become very famous thanks to Amalia Rodriguez's voice. Here you can find concrete beats and conscious lyrics for sure.

Tuga Mix are 80 minutes of pure music selected by Dj Nio, more than 40 cuts from the classic to the experimental rap, from original reggae roots to the dancehall hits. The tracklist has: D-Mars, Sagas, Dealema, Sir Scratch, Sam The Kid, Nigga Poison, SP & Wilson, Factor Activo, Prince Wadada, Philarmonic Weed, Mercado Negro, Melo D, Valete, Mentes Conscientes, and many others.

The mixtape is hosted by the Italian-Brasilian mc Don Simon, of the famous rap group A Mafia (of Sao Paulo). Special guests appearence by Lure, that together with Nio forms Zero Plastica, one of the most interesting groups in Genoa (Italy): "Non è Hip-Hop" ("It's not Hip-Hop") it's a new revolutionary, thought-provoking song on a deadly beat by Fuse (Daelema), the Portughese master of hardcore rap. Plus, even Dudu of the Senegalese rap group Janta-B - now living in Italy and singing with Ohimemì- drops a Wollof joint with his aggressive style.

Tuga mix officially starts the collabo between Dj Nio and the American indipendent label Nomadic Wax, specialized in Hip-Hop and underground music from around the globe.

...Enjoy this stay in Portugal, and prepare yourself to the next journey: destination, Morocco!

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