Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

Multimedia Artist

Zero Plastica & Syntharsi su 20/20 HIP-HOP RADIO (Johannesburg, South Africa).

There's a dude we know called Rah Zemos. He's a Lebanese-Canadian cat who likes putting together mixtapes for his label, Noturnalight. The latest, Full Specturm Vol.2, includes MCs from everywhere: SA, Iraw, Syria, Lebanon, Toronto, Montreal, Dakar, the US (PLANET ASIA WE SEE YOU!) and Morocco. It's dope as fuck. Which is why it's on here. You can get the mixtape free, gratis, mahala at

Elsewhere, we have a clip of an interview with Trenton, the MC from Trenton and Free Radical - a fresh group you need to hear. You can download the interview in its entirety right here:

- Kiss the Ring - Raekwon featuring Inspectah Deck and Masta Killah
- War Is My Destiny - Ill Bill featuring Immortal Technique and Max Cavalera
- Attivamente - Syntharsi
- Sotto Attaco - Zero Plastica
- Sunless Sundays - Trenton and Free Radical

- rob one