Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

"Home" - Nomadic Wax's audio documentary mixed by Dj Boo #U.S.A. #WorldWide

Project Synopsis/Description:
Home is a musical conversation on the global struggle for housing. Original verses and tracks on the subject from artists all over the world are expertly mixed together with first-person testimonies from the United States and South Africa. Seamlessly mixed together by Dj Boo, this audio documentary aims to highlight a series of issues in the struggle for homes: inadequate access to employment and healthcare, war, displacement, gentrification, immigration, eviction, lack of services, homelessness and the foreclosure crisis, to name a few. Pieces of conversation weave in and out between songs, verses, and the production of political hip hop heavyweights the Cornel West theory, grounding the music in lived experience, offering an intimate glimpse into the perspective of everyday people fighting for their homes.

Project Credits:
NOTE: all tracks marked with a * are original verses written by the credited artist using an instrumental produced by the Cornel West Theory.

1. *Fame Nickles (Zimbabwe/Canada), The One Sun Lion Ra (USA), Poetes Fyziks (Gabon). Produced by the Cornel West Theory.
2. Outspoken The Alpha Intellect "Life In The City" (Zimbabwe)
3. Defboyz "Ezomzi" (South Africa)
4. Matador "Catastrophe" (Senegal)
5. *Hired Gun (USA), Holstar (Zambia), Ardamus (USA), Avalon the Dawn (USA). Produced by the Cornel West Theory.
6. Jason Chu "Back Home" (China/USA)
7. *Infinite (USA), StaHHr (USA), Rah Zemos (Lebanon/Canada). Produced by the Cornel West Theory.
8. Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai "The Ballad of a Maybe Gentrifier"(USA)
9. Vox Sambou "Diabetik" (Haiti)
10. *Jarabe Del Sol (Columbia/USA), Shokanti (Cape Verde), Waahli (Canada/Haiti), Dj Nio of Zero Plastica (Italy). Produced by the Cornel West Theory.
11. Linkris "Back Home" (South Africa)
12. the Cornel West Theory "Homebound" (USA)
13. *Truth Univerrsal (Trinidad/USA), Teck Zilla (Nigeria), Raw-G (Mexico/USA). Produced by the Cornel West Theory.
14. Native Sun "Mother & Son" (Mozambique/UK)
15. Invincible & Finale "Locusts" (Detroit)
16. *Synik (Zimbabwe). Produced by the Cornel West Theory.

All storytellers: Linda Contes, Juanita Edwards, Detroit Community Activists, Brodie Enoch, Gairo Essop, Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Freeborn, Jose Lopez, Isaiah Mahlobo, Katie Martin, Keith Massey, Linda Mhambure, Mphumzi, Mola Rachel Mathe, Anthony Morales, Frank Morales, Mandlenkosi Ncube, Rene Onverwag, Sharon Payn, Alisa Pizarro, Jean Rice, Jane Roberts, James Roberts, Robert Robinson, A. Sibanda, Brenda Stokely, Jabir Suluki, John Tyus, Althea Watson.

Produced by: Nomadic Wax & Housing is a Human Right, in association with the Cornel West Theory
Exec. Producer & Director: Dj Magee
DJ Mix, Scratch Live Engineer, Assembly & Scratches: Dj Boo
(*) Beats for original verses: the Cornel West Theory
Pro Tools Engineer, Audio Mixing, and Mastering: Dan Cantor, Jacob Gogarten, Alexis Guneratne (Notable Productions)
Audio Testimonials Provided by: Rachel Falcone & Michael Premo of Housing is a Human Right
Cover Photos: Dj Magee
Graphic Design: Dj Nio -