Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

FREE Ceschi compaign #freeceschi #USA

Independent record label Fake Four founder Ceschi Ramos is serving an 18 month sentence on a questionable marijuana charge. After his family was threatened and he was forced to give a coached statement by police he ended up going to court for years. In the end he has taken a reasonable plea bargain compared to the 5-7 years he was facing. Right now the stability of Fake Four is being threatened by Ceschi's situation & the exorbitant amount of legal fee debt that has been accumulated.

I had honour to collaborate with Ceschi producing the beat for Nomadic Wax's "Super MC" f. Omar Offendum, Lou Piensa (Nomadic Massive), Jarabe Del Sol, M.O.A. (Jmni), Outspoken, Hadjii and Dj Boo. I do love Ceschi's style and I think it's one of the most innovative out there.

Take a listen to his music, check out his incredible record label, support this campaign and share to the world! FREE CHESCHI!!!