Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

WHAT is #Calleguero ?

“Calleguero” means “Man of the street” in select regional Spanish slang (“calle” = “street”, “guero” = “man” in some regions of South America).

“Calleguero” is a multimedia project by International Hip Hop artist Dj Nio. Following on the foundation built through several other collaborative projects in Cuba, DJ Nio returned to the Island once more to make music with some of the best MCs of the country. All he brought with him was a Roland SP404sx sampler and a hard drive full of new beats.

“Calleguero” is a video series, with a new video released every Saturday, beginning on September 14, on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

“Calleguero” is a beat-tape that will be released on Spotify and other digital platforms in November 2019.

Why #Calleguero ?

- Giving “voice to the voiceless”: The Cuban hip hop scene is rich with talent. Unfortunately, these Cuban MCs cannot promote themselves effectively outside of the island because internet connections are too slow to upload videos. The #Calleguero videos series times to help promote some of these incredible artists beyond the Island’s borders.

- Shedding light on Cuban Boom Bap Hip Hop music: with the intense over saturation of radio airwaves and clubs with Trap music, #Calleguero will showcase the original “Boom Bap” vibes of Cuba, pairing raw lyrics, freestyle, flows, and diverse subject matter.


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