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Multimedia Artist

Multimedia Artist


A lot of people don't use to listen to the music anymore and they want to watch that. That's why I started to make video like this! :D

If you're "Old School" and you still want to listen to the beats I'm making, click here!

Back 2 the Culture - New Posse-Cut with young MCs from Genova (Italy)

Once again, I've been asked to produce a Posse-Cut!

This time it's been for a group of young MCs of my own city (Genova), that created an event series called "Back to the Culture", where they're trying to bring together all the elements of Hip Hop Culture in a Party once every 2 months.


FREE Download here!

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Def Rap in #Turkey

Turkish rapper Fuat presents this new interesting project.

"DEF RAP aims to close the communication gap between deaf and hard of hearing individuals and the rest of society, by presenting the stories you’ve never heard of, with music and dance.  The artists in the videos you are about to watch are all deaf and this is their own music band. #defrap is a brand new music genre. The artists will continue to tell their stories to the world through their new songs.  Feeling is hearing".