Dj Nio

Multimedia Artist

NEW DUBSTEP MIX with Zero Plastica

basement Underground studio - presents:
E-DJ (Show Respect Sound System) & Zero Plastica
"EnormouSpaceBass" - dub dubstep grime mix (2009).

Italian rap duo Zero Plastica is proud to introduce the first E-Dj's mix. E-Dj -dj and producer from the famous Show Respect Sound System- is considered one of the best reggae dj in Genova (Italy), even if he's very young and new to the game of juggling. In the last years, Edo evolved his style and techniques from dub reggae to dubstep and experimental electro music, being one of the first Italian dj walking this way.
"EnormouSpaceBass" is an idealistic voyage in the space, in which E-Dj drives a spaceship from planet earth to undiscovered sounds galaxies, with m.c. Nio (Zero Plastica) and Rino (Pessimi Elementi) on the mic, moving first steps (in Italy) on grime music with Lure e Mardok (L8 di Cuori).
Good selection with tracks from Goth Trad, Scuba, Dj Hatcha, Skream, King Midas Sound, Benga, Horsepower Prod, Dygital Mystikz, Artwork, Tes La Rock, Goth Trad, and Zero Plastica.

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