Dj Nio

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Mixtape invitation [ENGLISH VERSION]

Peace to everyone.

I'm Dj Nio, of the Italian rap group Zero Plastica.

Would you like to partecipate to my next mixtape?

I'm about to start my new project, titled "World Wide Reggae Hip-Hop -vol.3".
The concept for this mix series is that Hip-Hop/Reggae/Raggamuffin artists from diverse countries can donate one or more tracks to the mixtape.

If you want to know what it's all about you can freely download the previous chapter here:

Just keep in mind that its a free download mixtape that will then be promoted and circulated - so not money involved anyway. If you don't want to join this project, no problem. But if you want, send your music to:
They must be very good quality Mp3 (256 or 320k at least).
Specify where are you from, of course). You got time untill November 2nd 2009, when i'll start to select and mix the tracks.

If you have questions, definitely hit me up to ask. ...And if you know artists that might be interested into this project, please share this mail to them! ;-)

One Nation under a Groove. One Love

Dj Nio * Zero Plastica